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Welcome to
Koolau Family Chiropractic

From helping keiki to Kupuna, Dr. Deborah Iwasaki Glenn will help you and your ohana enjoy the best possible health. When you feel great, you can get more out of life and do the things that are important to you.


Your Windward Side Chiropractor in Kailua

Restore Your Well-being at Koolau Family Chiropractic

Dr. Glenn and family“From the moment you walk into Koolau Family Chiropractic, Kailua Chiropractor Dr. Deborah Iwasaki Glenn is dedicated to being your partner in achieving health and wellness. Whether you want to spend your days without discomfort, be a stronger competitor in your sport or participate in activities with your family free from concern, Dr. Glenn is here to assist you.

Along with chiropractic care, she can advise you on nutrition and orthotics. Standard Process® whole food supplements, Foot Levelers custom-created orthotics, and Sole Supports are also available in our office.

A Mission to Serve

Dr. Glenn focuses on helping families, from birth through their entire lives. With natural health care, the people in our community can live more active, healthier lives. You and all your loved ones are warmly welcome at Koolau Family Chiropractic, including babies, children, expecting moms, dads, grandparents and great-grandparents.