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Enjoying the Best Health

Chiropractic Care in KailuaWith a nervous system that’s operating optimally, your body can be allowed to heal. As a chiropractor, Dr. Glenn focuses on this important system, which is responsible for every function in your body. It’s vital that everyone in your family is checked by a chiropractor to ensure that no problems are present that will hold you back from getting the most out of life.

Dr. Glenn has an emphasis on caring for pregnant moms, babies and children, making sure that your little ones get the healthiest possible start in life at Koolau Family Chiropractic.

Chiropractic for a More Optimal Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, proper alignment is essential to the baby’s growth and development. If restrictions are present, it may be difficult to accommodate your baby as time goes on. As your belly starts to drop, the arch in your back increases and can result in discomfort. It may also be that without ample space, your baby can’t get into the proper position for birth. Moms who are chiropractic patients report shorter labor times with a more efficient labor to delivery progression.

One of Dr. Glenn’s patients was a mom whose baby should have turned in a head-down position, preparing for the birth. A problem was located in the mom’s cervical spine, or neck, and was promptly addressed. By the time she was back home 45 minutes later, the baby had turned. The removal of this restriction allowed her body to relax so that the baby could move the way it needed to.

Comfortable, Effective Techniques

By addressing any dysfunction in your nervous system, you can experience many benefits of chiropractic. Dr. Glenn’s patients have gotten help with common issues like sciatica and reflux, reporting advantages such as better sleep and boosted immunity.

To show you the best results, Dr. Glenn utilizes the most effective techniques. She uses visualization, instrumentation, static palpation, motion palpation and X-ray analysis to detect the presence of the vertebral subluxation complex and specifically corrects it. Whether you’re a child or adult, she’ll customize her approach to your particular situation. If the patient is a child, Dr. Glenn will ensure the parent is fully informed, and everyone feels comfortable before proceeding.


To find out more about a natural approach to health care, contact Koolau Family Chiropractic in Kailua today!

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